Wavy Bar Mush shrooms chocolate bars


Wavy Bar Mush shrooms chocolate bars


Wavy Bar Mush shrooms chocolate bars


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mushroom candy

mushroom candy Mush shrooms chocolate bars ,the best grade Psilocybin chocolate bar on the market, created by extracting the psilocybin from the mushrooms, resulting in a far more pure High without the stomach problems that comes with eating mushrooms. Wavy Bar Mush shrooms chocolate bars

The most popular category of magic mushroom consumables is probably mushroom chocolates.

Even the ancient Aztecs used cacao to enhance the hallucinogenic effects of their magic mushrooms. Chocolate shrooms are any chocolate-base meal that has been with psilocybin or psilocin.

Raw mushrooms or concentrated psilocybin are frequently used into a pre-made chocolate mixture for this purpose. Magic mushroom chocolates are ideal for chocolate connoisseurs seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Our extraction process puts the Wavy bar in a league of its own, resulting in a significantly safer product.

Our product, which is free of toxins and more precisely dosed, has been shown to considerably reduce stress, depression, and boost focus while also encouraging brain cell growth. Caution: Start slowly in a safe setting and do not drive while using this product.


Mushroom chocolate bars 4G Magic Wavy Bar
There are 12 pieces in all, each weighing 33 grams.
Recommendations for Dosage
Mild Micro-dose: 1/2 – 1 Mild Micro-dose: 1/2 – 1 Mild Micro-dose: 1/2 6 parts in total
12 Pieces of Deep Trip
Made in the Golden State

Where to Order

We suggest that you get wavy bars mushroom from our official website https://psychedelics-farm.com/. This is to prevent fakes, as many people are now packaging their own mushroom chocolate bars without conducting adequate testing to establish whether their wavy bar chocolate is safe to eat. We not only make and sell the highest-quality shroom chocolate bars, but we also educate our customers on how to use these wavy chocolate bars safely and enjoyably. peyote cookies strain

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