What Our Customers Say About Us!

Psychedelic sale Online is my to go med shop to buy my medications for anxiety stress and more. Their service is awesome and i was heloed by Jenifa all along.

Ishita Malhotra

I highy recommend Psychedelic sale Online their dmt got me going all along enjoyed the trip and for sure i have recommended my friends who are interested in experiencing such a wonderful trip. Keep with the good work guys.

Kylo James

Product was shipped and delivered quickly. Signing up for the first time was painless and took little time. Product was as advertised and good quality.

Ella Perez

Great sign up system, very fast. Great speed for delivery. Good product. The only sad thing is the fact of the prices. Online shops do not have a store or a lot of employees but prices are the same if not more than store front dispensaries. No offence but I guess that’s the beauty of addictive products, doesn’t really matter how much you charge people will complain a little but still buy. For sure recommend this online store, I can’t wait for my next order

Elsie Ross

I am fully satisfied with the service and quality of the product. I ordered and it was prompt delivery. Within two days in lower mainland of BC. First time trying blue meanie, it was an intense experience. Loved it! I wanted to be inside my head the whole time. Closed my eyes and the back of my eyelids became the canvas of my trip. I highly recommend it. Adele’s new album is trippy!!

Allan C

Very satisfied with products, delivery times and customer service. Highly recommend!

Derek C

I Love This Website! Its fast and discreet and the products are amazing! I highly recommend!!


Created a new account for the 25% discount and received in 2 business days. I got 28g of the blue meanie and yeahhh they work as advertised lol. Would def get those again and currently have an order placed to try some Osmosis Rest & Relax capsules (has both psilocybin and CBD)

Johnny Graham

Fantastic, discreet and great product!


Make an account is easy and team support is incredible !! 25% off almost every week-end with fast and available free shipping, with so much strain and good prices, you can’t go wrong. I heavily suggest them to everyone !!

Pierre Simon

All I can say is…wow. Life changing. It was my first time trying shrooms, and I was sceptical. The shrooms were amazing. Amazing quality, fast delivery, great price, and wow what an experience. Every person on earth needs to try shrooms at least once

Natalie K

great product, beautiful customer service. and even though the order said it may be delayed it still came within 5 business days! i will absolutely be ordering more stuff from this website and will reccomend it to other friends!!!

P Morgan